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what’s in this conversation guide


This section will give you everything you need

 so if you don’t have time to click through the

full guide don’t worry - these basics are more than enough to get you started.

Have a little more time and want to dig in? 

Check out this section on talking about abortion care and the referendum, where the terrain of these sometimes difficult conversations are mapped out.

Maybe you’ve had some conversations already and want to level up for the next time. Here’s an extended guide and a page with extra tips and resources to check out.

Why have this guide?

Relationships, and conversations, are the most powerful resources we have. If we want to make the world a better place, we can’t and shouldn’t do it alone. 

On our own, it can often feel like we are powerless - but together there is nothing we can’t figure out how to do

When we trust each other to talk about the things that matter - we begin to dismantle the invisible walls that keep us separated. But how do we get there? 

This guide is for people, like you and I, to help us talk to each other about our biggest issues and questions - the things we know we need to talk about but just have no idea how to begin. 

Talking about things that make us uncomfortable or that are difficult takes courage - and courage is easier when you have community. That’s why Uplift exists, to give all of us the courage to do what is difficult but necessary - so that our collective action can make Ireland and the world a better home for all of us.

More power to you and don’t forget, should you have any questions the Uplift team and your fellow members are just an email away. 
With love,
Siobhan and the Uplift team

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