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Start here and check out Uplift’s 1 hour member training on having persuasive conversations. It covers why we should focus on stories over statistics, some archetypes of people we usually encounter who can be difficult to start (and continue) these conversations with, walking through common pitfalls, and what is persuasive for most people to hear.


Don’t forget to read the comments on the side from members - some really helpful ideas in there!


Take the listening quiz - the quiz is actually how to listen to someone who has had a personal experience of abortion and wants to share their story, but is also helpful for better listening in conversations concerning abortion more generally.

Extra: Aspen and her organization have an entire video series on how to have these difficult conversations. Here is a good lead in video, talking to the other side.


Watch: Told from the point of view of a mother, 3 lessons of revolutionary love in a time of rage - how social transformation is a labor of love by Valarie Kaur

Extra: How to love ourselves so we can love others - Brene Brown on the power of vulnerability


Listen: What does putting aside labels - pro-life, pro-choice - and instead trying to be pro-dialogue sound like? In this episode of On Being, we hear one version of what it can look like to begin to grapple with all the nuances and complexity that this conversation deserves.  


“The abortion access movement has struggled to successfully engage with religious communities. As a result, we‘re trapped in debates that dismiss the shared values of abortion advocates, many of which we share with religious believers, which could help lay a foundation for bridging this gap.”

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