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Want to do more for this campaign?
There’s many ways you can join up, from small to big:
Use this guide and start talking!


- Pledge to have a conversation with 1 other person. We’ve created a new training just for this project and resources, check them out and join our support community across Ireland so we can all get better at having these difficult talks. 

- Have a gathering with friends and family and host a group conversation using our group conversation and host guides 

- Volunteer with Uplift to reach undecided voters. If you’re interested in this contact fellow volunteer, Alex, who is lead on this project at  


- Share with the Uplift community privately or publicly how your conversations are going and give us feedback ( on how any of the resources could be improved. Consider sharing a quote and/or a picture from the conversation. You can share them on Uplift’s Repeal Campaigners Facebook page here.

Share your story! With your story, consider sharing a picture, or a video taken from your phone of you telling it, if you have a minute. If you’d like to share them privately send them to, if you’re comfortable sharing them online you can share them on Uplift’s Repeal Campaigners Facebook page here.  


- Make sure you (and your friends, family and/or the people you’ve talked to) are registered to vote - deadline for your form to arrive in the mail to your Local Authority is May 8. Follow this link to check.

- Have a plan (with friends and family if you can) for the day of voting. Before voting day arrives reach out to others (or offer to strangers on social media!) to help people plan out how they will get to the polls. Can you offer to drive people to the voting station? Does someone need a hand babysitting?

Check out the local Together For Yes group for your constituency and get involved

Contribute to this project if you can! 

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