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In the run up to the referendum what will really make the difference is for as many people as possible to host conversations with a group of their friends, family, co-workers and neighbours.
The idea is simple: invite 3-10 guests to your table to share a cup of tea, a dinner, or even a few drinks to get them talking about what the Eighth Amendment means for us all.

In a group discussion we can be opened up to a wide variety of points of view and life experiences, creating a really enriching and diverse conversation - people can often spark up really interesting insights between one another and the group format also allows space and time for people to think and reflect.


However, it can sometimes be hard to facilitate a conversation about such a complex issue in a group setting, especially while also making  sure everyone feels heard and respected. That’s why we’ve created Chats for Change. It’s a pack that builds off of our conversations “starter kit” and has 2 parts available: 

- The conversation guide has questions and prompts to help guide your discussion with ground rules to ensure everyone gets to contribute equally 
- The host guide helps you, as the host, to plan and facilitate this group gathering 

We know that conversations have the power to open minds on the issue of abortion care. Chats for Change will give you the tools you need to host a gathering where everyone can engage in something really worthwhile - a much-needed conversation about the Eighth Amendment. 

Siobhán and the Uplift team 


Download the
Chats for Change
Group Conversation Guide pdf below
Download the
Chats for Change
Group Host Guide pdf below
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